The Top Cloning Cannabis Practices for Potent Genetics

Cloning cannabis plants is the best way to retain potency because every new generation of plants are slightly less potent than the previous. Some cannabis plants are available only as clones and are available only from specific cloning experts in Denver. Special care must be taken to properly clone plants that survive and grow into potent genetics producers.

The plant that you plan to clone is the mother plant. It should be a confirmed female and show signs of robust growth. If you have plants grown from seed, clone the plant that sprouted first and had the fastest and healthiest growth. Mothers grown from seed need about eight weeks to be large enough to clone.

When cloning, first prepare the medium and set out the cloning solution with the lid off. If using expandable peat pellets, soak the pellets in water and then push them down into a two-inch net cup. Then select a branch to cut from the mother plant that is at least three inches long. Cut it with clean shears near its base.

At this point, the best practice is to cut the bottom of the clone’s stem at a 45-degree angle with a new razor blade. Then dip the stem about one to two inches deep into a cloning gel. Finally, gently push the stem down into the expanded peat pellet. the 45-degree cut provides maximum gel exposure to the inside of the clone.

For fastest results, place the net cup into an aeroponic bucket and set the water pump timer to turn on for fifteen minutes every two hours. This limited water supply provides the clone with enough water to survive, yet enough stress to force root growth.

Clones do not need nutrients while in the aeroponic bucket. Nutrients are necessary once they have been moved to their permanent medium. Also, a humidity dome will not hurt, but it is also not required. CFL bulbs are strong enough for clones.

Your clones should grow roots within fourteen days, at which time they should be transplanted into their permanent medium. It is fine to put the clones into flower at this point, but leaving them in the vegetative cycle for another two weeks will maximize bud growth.

For top of the line genetics and ultimate potency, buy clones from the Denver Clone Store. Transplant the purchased clones into their permanent medium, keep them in the vegetative cycle for two weeks, and then move them to the flowering cycle.

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