Understanding the Legalities of Denver Dispensaries

marijuana dispensary is a licensed legal store front that sells marijuana and cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use. Often, these dispensaries also sell industrial hemp products such as clothing and cleaning products. Additionally, products containing THC, CBDs or other cannabinoids are available for topical use.

A Summary of the Legalization of Hemp and Marijuana in the United States:

Hemp and marijuana both derive from the same species of the cannabis plant. A hemp plant’s THC or tetrahydrocannabinol level is less than .3%. A marijuana plant contains between .5 and 30% of THC, depending on the strain. THC is the cannabinoid with the psychoactive properties that create the euphoric or high feeling.

Both hemp and marijuana have come full circle when it comes to their legalization history.

Hemp was first cultivated in the New World in the 1600s. Its growth promoted textile and food industries. Its industrial popularity continued through the 1800s, and it was not until the 1900s that the legal hammer started to fall with the FDA requiring labeling of all cannabis products in 1906.

Mexican immigrants, seeking refuge from the 1910 Mexican Revolution, introduced marijuana for its recreational use, and by the 1930s there was a dramatic national war against marijuana, highlighted by the film “Reefer Madness” in 1936.

Beginning in the 1970s, scientific research and public outcry contributed toward legalizing cannabis. Currently, there are 29 States with some form of law on the books or pending legislation toward cannabis legalization. Along with Washington, Colorado was the first State to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Legal Issues Surrounding Denver Dispensaries

Opening a dispensary in Denver is a complicated process involving proper licensing and inspections. To purchase marijuana products for consumption under the label of “medical marijuana” you need a medical marijuana card. To buy recreational marijuana, there is an age requirement of 21.

Turning 21 in Denver doesn’t give you free rein to light up or nibble anytime and anywhere. Here are a few of the laws currently on the books:

•    You cannot consume it in the dispensary.

•    You cannot partake in public places, indoors or out.

•    You cannot smoke or eat it in a car. The exception would be, if you are a passenger in a private limo, you can smoke it if the limousine company allows it.

•    You may smoke or consume edibles in your own home, but if you are in someone else’s home, you need their permission.

•    You may indulge in a private hotel room if the hotel allows it.

•    You cannot have more than one ounce at a time on your person.

Marijuana is helpful in alleviating many medical conditions and great for relaxing and celebrating, but it is a powerful drug and not safe while driving or in other situations where you need your best reactions.


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