How do I Know if my Cannabis Seedlings are Healthy?

Before we begin talking about how your seedling should look to know if it’s healthy or not, we should begin with a quick botany lesson.

A seed is more than just a seed. Already formed inside of the seed is a set of two leaves, known as cotyledons. So what exactly is a cotyledon? It’s the embryonic leaves within a germinating seed. They are the first leaves that you’ll see pop up out of your chosen medium.

Okay, botany lesson over. Now let’s talk particulars. Once the cotyledon has sprouted, the next stage you should see your seedling going through is the sprouting of the adored, serrated leaves that form from the center of the sprout.

As the seedling gets a bit older, the serrated leaves should grow and more serrated leaves should sprout along with them. If you’ve gotten to this stage, it’s very likely you have a healthy growing seedling!




How can I keep my cannabis seedlings healthy?

– Avoid overwatering your beloved cannabis plants. It’s not the water that is actually going to damage your seedling, it’s the deprivation of oxygen that accompanies overwatering.

– Underwatering can cause problems as well, especially when your seedling is in an environment that is rich in nutrients. If your plant is placed in rich nutrients without enough water, they’re just not going to grow properly.

It’s a delicate balance.

With enough observation–and practice–you’ll be able to tell right away if you have a healthy cannabis seedling or not.

If you have any questions about how your seedlings should be growing, please contact us today!

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