Denver’s Top Cannabis Clones

Genetics. Quality. Consistency.

We pride our selves provide Denver’s greenest and healthiest, cannabis clones on the market.

Our clones come from carefully selected mother plants that represent the traits of potency and vigor that we would be proud to pass on to our patients and clients. Once our clones are cut from our mothers they are placed into rockwool cubes, a stable growing medium that maintains a large amount of oxygen and water, they then survive a 10-14 day rooting and selection process. Only the healthiest and best looking rooted plants are then transported to the store. We allow growers to view the entire clone optimal for each individual grow. Clones are plugged and matured in rockwool to ensure utmost versatility with your clones.

Rockwool is PH neutral, and can be transplanted into any type of medium. Rockwool is versatile enough to be used in coco, hydroponic and aquaponic systems. We do not feed our clones anything but mild nutrients from General Hydroponics Flora Series to ensure a smooth and shock free transition period into your garden while also promoting constant growth. All clone sales are guaranteed 7 days past purchase if there is anything that happens to the clone because of us or our genetics.”

Its About The Lifecycle

Premium Clones and Seeds

Cultivars of Premium Genetics. Klone is a Colorado based company. They strive to offer the best educational resources for cloning and genetics.

FreeWorld Genetics is an owner-operated cannabis breeding company based out of Boulder, Colorado. The owners have been working in the licensed cannabis space in Colorado since 2009 and have a passion for both the boutique and commercial aspects of modern day cannabis and we strive to unite these in our work in genetics.

The crew at Denver West rock. I always recieve excellent customer service, top shelf flower and clones. Thanks! Moby Kush

Bob Ducey

I was very impressed with the look of the clones at the store. They all appeared to be very green and hydrated. I could tell that the staff at the store had been taking good care of these guys. I just started to grow in the past few months so this makes it really easy for a beginner like me to get started. Good prices, great staff and good product all made for a good experience for me. I would definitely recommend.


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