Cannabis Extracts & Concentrates In Denver

About ABV Cannabis Co.

The ABV Cannabis Company 300mg Disposable Vape Pen is produced in beautiful Salida, Colorado, in the Sawatch Mountain Range. It’s filled with pure CO2-extracted cannabis oil and is made with the highest quality hardware on the market. Their goal is to create clean, consistent products and cannabis, you will notice the quality difference right away.

About V3oil New World Lubrication

Located in beautiful Salida, Colorado alongside the headwaters of the Arkansas River. V3 Oil contains absolutely no foreign additives or cutting agents. Our CO2 extraction process produces a refined, consistent oil for a clean draw. Our input material comes strictly from our own cultivation, Pure Greens and our strategic sourcing partners.


FLÏTM Select Syringes are made with strain-specific cannabis oil (distillate) that tests at a minimum of 90% THC with total cannabinoids reaching around 94%.

About West Edison Cannabis Concentrates

Operating in one of the most technologically advanced labs in Colorado. They inspect, evaluate, and test all of our concentrates we make to insure the highest quality & efficacy. Whether you’re an experienced dabber or brand new to concentrates, West Edison has a product to suit all of you needs.

About Incredible Extracts

Black Label concentrates are crafted from in-house breeding projects and years of carefully-selected genetics grown specifically for their elite terpene profiles. Complete control of the plant material from the grow rooms to our state-of-the-art laboratory based in Colorado

About Green Dot Fine Cannabis Extracts

Founded in 2014 by local Boulder husband and wife team. Green Dot Labs is Colorado’s premier cannabis cultivation and extraction brand, the first and longest-running regulated business anywhere to focus exclusively on cannabis extracts.

About Green Dot Fine Cannabis Extracts

Since 2013, they have been an industry leader in butane extraction. All of our concentrates are extracted using our proprietary process and solvent blend producing flavorful and high quality concentrates. Live THCa and Live Resin products. High Terpene content as well as high testing.