Cloning Cannabis – Practices for a Successful Crop

Cloning is a great way to grow cannabis plants that you are familiar with and love. Unlike growing from seeds, with cloning you know exactly what you are going to get. Have a favorite plant? Clone it! We’ll tell you how.

Choose A Mother Plant

The first thing you want to do is choose a mother plant in its vegetative cycle that is healthy and productive. Choose a female plant that is free from disease or defects. She should have 5-6 nodes, and preferably be short and bushy. Your clones will be exact genetic replicas so you want to clone only the best plants. The mother plant you want to use should be a prime example of what you want to grow for color, flavor, aroma, etc.

Take Your Cutting

You need a clean environment to protect both the mother plant and clone during the cutting process. Wipe down the table and clean all tools with alcohol to kill germs that could contaminate your plants. New cuttings have an increased risk for disease due to the fresh wound you are making in the protective layers of the plant.

Choose a branch that is sturdy and healthy. Then, using a very sharp blade (such as a razor), remove a stem from the lower area of the plant. Immediately place the stem in water so that air does not enter the stem. Air causes the cells in the stem to oxidize and die, which is bad news for a new plant.

Place The Clone In The Growing Medium

You can apply root hormone powder or gel to stimulate root formation. Root growth solutions are made from the hormones that are naturally produced in plants for root growth. They will stimulate your new cutting to begin producing strong, healthy roots faster.

Now place you clones into your growing medium of choice. Options for growing mediums include starter cubes, potting soil, and water. Starter cubes, such as rockwool cubes, must be prepped before you can use them. The potting soil method combines soilless potting medium with root growth hormone to start plants from cuttings. Some growers choose to go with the plain water method where the clone is placed in a cup of water until roots form. Whichever way to want to start your clones, you can find everything you need at a grow shop or garden store.

Watch Your Clones Grow!

Provide light, water, and oxygen. Once roots begin growing well you should transplant your clone to a starter container that will provide more room for the expanding roots. You want to avoid letting them wrap around each other as this can stunt plant growth.

Now you can grow a successful crop of clones!

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