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Denver Clone Store is a specialized dispensary different from virtually all other marijuana stores in the state of Colorado. We are here to give you the genetic resources and knowledge necessary to ensure a successful crop and achieve your desired goals. Whether you are growing a single plant in a closet or need to fill a licensed commercial warehouse/greenhouse, we are your trusted source for the best clones and seeds available on the market.

Denver Clone Store provides its customers with high quality cannabis products. From top quality seeds, to healthy clones and Denver best loose leaf flower, we pride ourselves as scientists and bud tenders.


Our business’s original purpose was built on the various medical needs of individual patients. Founded in 2009, Denver Clone Store has been operating legally since before there were any rules, regulations, or business licenses in the state of Colorado. Our legal basis to operate was the caregiver model and we had dozens of different patient profiles that all had unique and distinct medical needs.
We are strong proponents for patients’ access to a variety of therapeutic products and delivery systems. CBD has been on the forefront of changing the perspective of cannabis products to be far more than a recreational alternative to alcohol. We also have limited availability for patients with extended recommendations and offer the supply to reach their extended needs. Restriction may apply. Please call to speak to a professional about your specific needs.


We often are asked if the recreational/retail plants, buds, and products are inferior and less potent than the medical side. Let’s clear the record by saying that the products are virtually identical and by principle, we wouldn’t offer inferior product just because it is sold to the general public. We are here to offer the best and most effective products available. Our stance at the Denver Clone Store is that there are many “refugee” patients traveling from different states that do not allow the type of access to the breadth of therapeutic, medical cannabis products as we do here in Colorado and at the Denver Clone Store.
Therefore, we seek to relieve medical necessities regardless of where you are from or which side of the medical or recreational wall you wish to shop. Aside from the sales tax being higher on the rec side, from a customer experience standpoint, the only difference is the allowable quantities of THC. Edibles are limited to 100mg per package and 800mg per purchase. We are also limited to selling up to 1 ounce (28 grams) of flower and 8 grams of concentrated wax, shatter, live resin, distillate and all other forms of hash. Please call to check if we have your favorite products in stock.

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