5 Ways You Can Expand Your Cannabis Garden

Just started growing? Here are some ways you can expand your cannabis garden.

Growing cannabis is becoming a large industry that is ever blooming.

If you’re a newbie grower, you are probably always looking for new tips to expand your cannabis garden.

And thankfully, there are tons of ways to do just that.

We’re taking you through five of the ways you can expand your cannabis garden.

1. Your plants need more light

We learn early on in grade school science class that all plants need light.

Light is the food for our plants, and without it, they are not able to grow and produce.

If you are looking to increase your supply, you have to increase the light saturation that your plants are receiving.

Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, here are some ways you can increase the light frequency to your plants.

Outdoor Plants

If you are growing cannabis outdoors, you should be placing your plants in direct sunlight. Cannabis plants flourish well in outdoor conditions because they are exposed to air and sunlight.

There really isn’t anything additional you need to do if you are growing outside.

Indoor Growing

Growing your marijuana garden indoors is a different story. You have to regulate the amount of light your plants are getting from the time they are seeds.

If you’re using high powered grow lights, you want to make sure that you’re providing enough light without damaging your plants.

Too much light can actually give your plants a burn. But there are ways around that.

Make sure that your grow lights are within the manufacturer’s limits.

2. Manipulate your plants

In order for all of your plants to receive the same amount of light, you can manipulate them into growing wider and flatter.

Doing so will help expand your cannabis garden.

Some ways you can control the way your plants grow:

  • Use a screen – By using a screen you can manipulate your plants to grow flatter and larger. This should be done during the vegetative and flowering points of your plant growing. This will help train young plants to grow this way from the beginning of their lives.
  • Supercropping – This is another easy way for you to keep your plants growing flat. This is a simple solution that just requires you to bend the stem of the plant so it’s almost a 90-degree angle. Take care not to break the stem open.

3. Give your plants nutrients

Your plants, like humans, need nutrients to survive. So if you’re looking to increase your yields, you need to make sure your plants get their nutrients.

But that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it. Most plants will grow well with just enough nutrients. Giving your plants more than they need can cause more damage.

What kinds of nutrients are necessary for healthy plant growth? You’ll need to make sure your plants are getting enough potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Many formulas or plant “food” products contain these necessary nutrients.

4. Watch the temperature

The environment matters when you’re trying to expand your cannabis garden.

If your plants become too warm, they will begin to brown.

To ensure that your plants do not become too hot, you should install a cooling system in your growing room.

5. Timing is everything

When you decide to harvest your plants, you must do it at the right time.

Harvesting your plants too soon can reduce bud size significantly.

The time you decide to harvest your plants also affects the smell and potency of the buds.

Follow these tips to expand your cannabis garden

Trying to expand your garden can seem daunting if you’re a new grower.

But taking the time to research the temperature and amount of light your plants are getting are easy steps to take.

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know how they worked in the comments!

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