Our clones come from carefully selected mother plants that represent the traits of potency and vigor that we would be proud to pass on to our patients and clients. Once our clones are cut from our mothers, they survive a 10-14 day rooting and selection process. Only the healthiest and best looking rooted plants are then transplanted in a 2×2 inch pot with coco fiber. We transplant these in order to allow the roots to keep growing and not wrap around themselves, which stunts growth and compromises yield and quality. We choose coco fiber to ensure utmost versatility with your clones. Coco fiber is PH neutral, and can be transplanted into any type of system and substrate available. You can even use our clones for hydroponic and aquaponic systems, which require a simple rinse of the coco off the roots. (For an instructional video, click here) We do not feed our clones anything but PH water to ensure a smooth and shock free transition period into your garden. We take wholesale and preorders. No order is too big for us, assuming you have the legal paperwork to make large purchase quantities. Please call to enquire about qualifications and restrictions.


We offer a variety of feminized and non-feminized seed packs. Feminized seeds are typically bred thru a hermaphroditic process, which ensures that the seeds will become females, but does not necessarily ensure stability in its sex generation after generation. Feminized seeds are typically preferred by beginner and intermediate growers who don’t have the time or experience to weed out the males. The breeder packs, which most likely include male seeds, require a bit more experience and patience. While chances are that you will get 5 or 6 viable female seeds (not guaranteed, but typical) in a feminized pack yielding 5 or 6 flower producing plants from the get go, a breeder pack will give you 1 or 2 vigorous female phenotypes and a strong male creating to allow for stabilizing and backcrossing the female pheno(s), as well as breeding your next superstrain with your existing ladies in your arsenal. Seeds are legally considered to be immature plants, so the typical limit on seeds, clones, or a combination of both is 6, unless you have a medical recommendation for more or hold a licensed facility.


Seedlings are F0 genetics. F0’s are original, first generation plants. The seedlings are often used as mother plants because they provide some of the stronger, healthier clones. One of the special things about a seedling is that they have a tap root. Tap roots are the first root to appear and they are dedicated to searching for water making the entire root system very strong.

Now at the Denver Clone Store we have taken all the hassle and waiting out of “popping” a cannabis seed. We do all the hard work for you germinating and waiting is on us. Stop in one of our locations and check out our newest additions!

40+ Premium Clones

In Store Favorites

Cookie Krypt

Lemon Wheel



Hash Plant

Pink Kush

Fruity Pebbles

Og Kush

Island Tour

Critical Mass


Grape stomper

Rockstar Kush

Durban poison

Fluff Head

Sour Diesel

Black Eyed Katy

Sin’s Og

Spec Ops

Chem Dog

The crew at Denver West rock. I always recieve excellent customer service, top shelf flower and clones. Thanks! Moby Kush

Bob Ducey

I was very impressed with the look of the clones at the store. They all appeared to be very green and hydrated. I could tell that the staff at the store had been taking good care of these guys. I just started to grow in the past few months so this makes it really easy for a beginner like me to get started. Good prices, great staff and good product all made for a good experience for me. I would definitely recommend.


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